Sunday, December 06, 2015

New Toys That Pair with Coffee.

I chalk* my lack of blogging up to the weak excuse of not having a reliable, trusty, or at least non-virus laden laptop on which to opine useless things. Well, with the help of really cool toys like iPads and Magic Keyboards, voilĂ ! I bought both simply because it was time to do so...and because as an only child I'm irreparably selfish, so, borrowing is out of the question. 

I'm breaking the blogging fast with this milestone announcement of my acquisition of these new toys, but also bc I miss writing. I have found my mind to be a step slower when I'm not actively reading or writing; digging and displaying; showing and telling, if you will. 

At any rate, here's a new post on an old blog and it's really good to say that.

Talk soon.

*What does "chalk" things "up to" even mean? Am I even saying that right? What if it's like I've sung the lyrics to a song wrong the whole time, like people do. For those of you old enough to remember the M.C. Hammer club banger "Too Legit To Quit," I had a friend who once understood the chorus as "Do The Jet To Quit." The jet. How does one even do a jet-like dance? In a club? In a way that successfully attracts the opposite sex? Does it involve some take-off move, then a predictable extension of the arms for wings, then a screeching halt landing on an air-craft carrier (or friend who also misunderstands the lyric) maybe? For our entertainment purposes, we left her unaware of her error, which likely has likely kept her single and seen in clubs or at weddings doing "the jet." I "chalk" this up to our youthful cruelty, if I'm even saying it right. If I'm not, you'd tell me, right? I'm too lazy to look it up. Cheers! :)


Adam Cates said...

I'm looking forward to more of your writing! I just happened to open your blog today and was pleasantly surprised to see a new post. I open it up about once every month or so.

Eron said...

Thanks Cadam! Hopefully I'll get back to hammering things out!