Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Status Updates/Tweets That I Never Posted But Maybe Wanted To

So, I've never really been one to wear my heart/faith/political views/frustrations/relationships/etc. on my [Facebook/Twitter] sleeve. Although I may have deep convictions and values and pains about a ton of issues, for some reason I have never been moved to share them publicly in a status. To each his own, but status updates for me are at best trivial and many times my own narcissistic attempt to get a self-esteem boost by how many "likes" I get. Again, that's just me. So, I rarely status anything serious. Instead, I write blogs when I really want to get my heart across...and then let you discover them here. :) 

With that said, I've had some sincere statuses on my heart that I really want to get out there in a succinct way, but don't want to post on Facebook or Twitter. So, I've blogged some statuses. I've done this once before, but it's been a while. Now, without further ado, here are 10 status updates/tweets that I never posted but maybe wanted to.

(These are not in order of importance)

1) "I truly love Jesus Christ more than anything in the world, but my actions and thoughts quite often reveal that I think He's pathetic."

2) "I want to be that sweet and strong godly man who is the answered prayer(s) of the young woman who has consistently dated assholes, but I seem to always end up the asshole that makes the girl pray for a sweet and strong godly man."

3) "Man of Steel kind of turned into Star Trek about half way through."

4) "Bruno gets it: 'All you young, wild girls, you make a mess of me/will be the death of me/I'll always come back to you.'"

5) "I wish I never made anyone cry ever again."

6) "I suck at politics. That's right, I have 0 effs left to give. (see what I did there?)"

7) "Thank you Brian Eichelberger for writing Satisfied in You! 'Let my losses truly show that all I really have is You. Thank you."

8) "Being misunderstood is the worst thing ever, probably."

9) "I don't want to learn from my mistakes with you so I'll be "more wise" with someone else. I want to be wiser for you."

10) "I don't understand what it means to "start loving Jesus more." My understanding is that I need to understand that He loves me regardless of my lack of understanding."

Not that any of that mattered or made sense to you, but I feel better. Maybe more to come...?