Saturday, February 09, 2013

Venti, Decaf, Non-Fat, No Foam, 4 S&L, Love You A Latte!

You just need to hear this story:

While working at the Starbucks in the Seelbach Hotel today, in walked a runner from our room service department. He had an order for someone ordering drink from their room. As you would expect from someone too...unable to endure the smooth elevator ride down from their room to our cozy Starbucks, this order was very high-maintenance.

The runner said, "So, this is for someone in the hotel. Ok, it's pretty specific." He then lumbered through, as if he'd never seen anything remotely close to a Star or a Buck, what ended up being this drink to your right: a Venti, decaf, non-fat, no-foam, four Sweet & Low, latte. After my Sharpie ran out of ink, I proceeded to craft this highly nuanced beverage. With the delicious concoction in hand, off the runner went. The time was around 5:35.

Somewhere around 5:50, in walked a middle-aged lady thankful that we were still open. Out of breath, she greeted us and proceeded to order, "Can I please get a Venti, decaf, non-fat, no foam, 4 S&L, latte?" I paused for a second, looked at my fellow barista extraordinaire, Mary-Ellen, and said, "That's interesting. I just made that exact drink about 15 min ago. Same size, same milk, same no-foam, same everything. I made one for room service a few minutes ago. Is this your second one?" Confused, she said, "No, it's my first. That's really strange." We laughed, curiously. Mary-Ellen asked, "So, you didn't order one from your room?"

Then it dawned on her. She smiled one of the sweetest smiles I've ever seen, looks away and then back, and says, "That's my drink. He ordered me my drink! He told me to be in my room at 6." She then explains to us how she missed her flight and, as it turned out, her boyfriend had called the hotel from out of state, and ordered her drink from effing memory, then he called her and told her where to be. "He wanted me to feel better about missing my flight, so he ordered me my drink." Things like this happen when badasses fall in love.

Props, my man. Cupid would be proud.

With the missed flight nowhere in her memory, her day was, in a word, made. My day was made. Mary-Ellen's day was made. In that moment, I felt like I did at the end of Crazy, Stupid, Love (long story) and was almost teary eyed at how this woman was just loved. I immediately extended a high-five, said, "Wow! Tell you're boyfriend that I am impressed! Props to him! Amazing. Now get to your room!" After she frolicked out of the store, Mary-Ellen and I looked at each other and just shook our heads. So sweet. We couldn't stop talking about it.

 A Latte? Shoot, more like, I love you a...latte, baybay!

I took time out of my busy schedule to let you know about this. Probably my favorite Starbucks experience thus far.

Happy early Valentines.


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