Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Bought One of These:

Intelligentsia Chemex Brewing Guide from Intelligentsia Coffee on Vimeo.

Someone buy me that chrome bottom-spout tea kettle and I'll...make you coffee with it.



Slade said...

Only if you come to San Angelo to make it. What kind of grinder did you get, and how does Chemex coffee compare to coffee from a French press? I need details.

Eron said...


As far as grinder, I have one but I rarely use it. I usually just get my beans ground at the coffee shop. They have better grinders.

Chemex vs French Press?:
As far as apparatus is concerned, FP coffee is unfiltered, whereas the CMX uses a filter specifically designed for the CMX. The CMX uses the drip method (water passes through the coffee after a short amount of time), whereas a FP keeps the grind in contact with water the whole time, capturing more flavor (which can make the cup overly bitter if you're not careful). The CMX explicitly prides itself in taking the bitterness out of coffee while retaining all the flavor of the bean. It's close. As far as the cup itself, a FP cup will have more body, will be more oily, and usually have sediment at the bottom--but will come closer to the flavor of the actual bean. Tasters use FPs when they test and compare coffee. The CMX will be lighter in body (and color) with no sediment.

Both are good, but I prefer the CHX bc it does make a good cup and the clean up is easy. The FP sucks to clean.

Does that help?
Wow. I'm a coffee nerd.

Slade said...

I have a French press, but have never tried a cup of Chemex, so I was just curious.

You should buy one of these: and then tell me what you think. I have a blade grinder but have been trying to find a decent burr grinder for some time, and that may be it.

And believe it or not, HEB actually has a decent bean called Hill Country Blend. It has some cinnamon and vanilla in it, which I'm not big on flavored coffee, but its decent.


DΛNΙΣL said...

I want one of these, like yesterday.