Monday, January 31, 2011

The Place To Be

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Listen Folks, I Take Coffee Seriously. So Should You.

You need 3 (or at least a few) things:

1 - Legit Beans. None of this Maxwell House nonsense. Got this from a local shop that roasts it's own beans. Meet "Nicaragua La Gloria" which connoisseurs say means something in Spanish.

2 - A Legit Brewing Apparatus. Meet the Chemex, as featured in the video below. Though it looks like something from a meth lab, I assure that in my house it's primarily used for coffee, though I aint gonna lie, it does make some quality meth (I read about it in a magazine).

3 - A Legit Grind. Not too coarse, not too fine. Just right for the Chemex. This grind could be used in a French Press also, but we have no time for that now.

4 - Legit Water. Preferably clear. Preferably hot. Preferably free of meth.
The bubbles mean it's working.

6 - More Tasteful Drapes.

6 - A Legit Pour. Too fast and the velocity could cause the coffee to cool too rapidly in midair, causing it to be ice cold before it reaches your cup. Too slow and you'll need to drink a Red Bull to help you pour faster, negating your need for coffee. Both outcomes are unfavorable.


The moral of the story: Stay away from meth.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Bought One of These:

Intelligentsia Chemex Brewing Guide from Intelligentsia Coffee on Vimeo.

Someone buy me that chrome bottom-spout tea kettle and I'll...make you coffee with it.


Just Finished Listening... this.



PS - It's just the Gospel.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hallway and Art

Here's some hallway progress:

I chose plumb (not maroon for you Aggie hopefuls out there) because it's middle ground in the color scheme of things.

Here's the art you're seeing on the wall. Still may not be their permanent home, though.

Louisville (Day) - Louisville (Dusk)
Check out Timothy Craig at

Coming along nicely.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Was My Trip to Texas Good?

Spinach Enchiladas from Margarita's

You be the judge.


PS - So, okay, I guess I'm using my blog again, but it's on the back burner like studying for a final exam. I will actually proactively procrastinate and put off posting blogs here. But, since I've yet to join Facebook (a rather commendable accomplishment in our day, I would add), I might as well have something that serves as my "trivial info about me and other things that don't matter" outlet. Just keep your expectations low. Either way, hello again from the most officious blog out there.